The Office of Academic Assessments hosts a series of webinars annually. To view the webinar click on the title of the webinar link below. 

Evaluating Program Rigor: A Multimethod Assessment Strategy 

Dr. Courtney Tan, Assistant Professor, Human Resilience Program Chair 

Canvas Assignment Export Dashboard (Evidence Collection)

Lynn Cox, Business Intelligence (BI Technical Lead)
Dr. John “Keith: Wilson, Assistant Dean of Curriculum & Accreditation, Worldwide College of Aeronautics
Dr. John "Keith Wilson, Assistant Dean of Curriculum and Accreditation
Dr. Kadie Mullins, Executive Director of Administrative Assessment
                                                Tiffany Phagan,  Executive Director of Academic Assessments

Lynn Cox, Business Intelligence (BI Technical Lead)

Contact Information

Tiffany Phagan
Executive Director of Academic Assessment
(386) 748-1364

Lisa Kopp
Associate Director of Academic Assessment
(386) 226-6774

Chantil Cuesta
Academic Assessment and Accreditation Systems Administrator
(386) 226-6873