ERAU Assessment Mini-Grants

Each year since 2007, the University has offered mini-grant funding to encourage innovative, applied research in assessment at the program level.  If you have an innovative idea for program-level assessment that you would like to submit for funding consideration, please contact Tiffany Phagan.


Assessment Cycle Program Assessment Mini-Grant Description
2016-17 Embedding Program Outcome Assessment in End of Course Evaluations
2015-16 BS Aeronautics Assessment of Learning Equivalence of Multi-Located Programs
2014-15 Program Assessment in Practice Webinar Series Pilot
2013-14 Development and Pilot Rollout of Taskstream Assessment Management System; Examining Impact of Embedding Real World Activities in Capstone Courses; Develop Pre-/Post Instrument to Assess MS Leadership Outcome Attainment; Developing Interactive Rubrics to Assess the MS Project Management Program
2012-13 Worldwide Program Outcomes Alignment and Assessment Models; Assessment of Learning Equivalence for Air Traffic Management Co-located Programs; Investigating the Strength of Instructor Feedback Across Worldwide English Courses; Integrating Research Into the Worldwide Aeronautics Department Programs; Aligning Mathematics Assessment Instrument (MyMathLab) to Program Outcomes as Direct Assessment; Comparison of Learning Across Course Delivery Methods
2011-12 A Study of Academic Trends of Aerospace Engineering Students Who Repeat Required Courses; Direct Assessment Through Computer Simulation; Implement Placement of Incoming Freshmen Engineering Students Based on Standardized Spatial Visualization Test Scores
2010-11 Development of Excel Spreadsheet Mapping of Course Gradables to Program and Institutional-level Outcomes; Examining Traditional vs. Hybrid Learning on Program Outcome Attainment; Developing a Web-based Exam Tool to Assess Attainment of Learning Outcomes; Assessing General Education Outcomes Across Disciplines
2009-10 Improve Assessment Instruments By Surveying Students’ Learning Styles; Equivalence of Learning Across ERAU Aerospace Institute and Daytona Beach Students; Focus Group Assessment of Business Student Motivation on the Major Field Test; Administration of Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills (SAILS) at Prescott; Expansion of Worldwide Course-Embedded Student Learning Assessment
2008-09 Create Rubrics for Assessment of Daytona Beach Computer and Software Engineering Program Outcomes; Blackboard Online Assessment for Daytona Beach Electrical Engineering; Develop Instrument to Assess Public Speaking and Team Skills; Application of Worldwide Writing Rubric in Non-writing Courses; Worldwide Course-Embedded Student Learning Assessment
2007-08 Examining Effectiveness of Prescott Aerospace Engineering’s Prerequisite Skills Exam; Development of Worldwide Writing Rubric; Developing Common Assessment for Prescott AS 435; Creating Virtual Advisory Boards to Review Outcomes for Daytona Beach Department of Applied Aviation Sciences Programs; Assessment of Skill Set Application in Worldwide Aircraft Maintenance Technology; Obtaining Industry Consensus on Desired Program Outcomes for Daytona Beach Homeland Security; Conduct Industry Needs Assessment to Modify MS Technical Management Program Outcomes

Contact Information

Tiffany Phagan
Executive Director of Academic Assessment
(386) 748-1364

Lisa Kopp
Associate Director of Academic Assessment
(386) 226-6774

Chantil Cuesta
Academic Assessment and Accreditation Systems Administrator
(386) 226-6873