Academic Assessment


In compliance with SACS Core Requirement 8.2.a, 8.2b, and ERAU's Academic Policy AP-08, the University requires an annual academic assessment process in which degree program faculty identify expected learning and performance outcomes, assess the extent to which they achieve the outcomes, and provide evidence of improvement based on analysis of the results. Every program is afforded a mechanism by which to make a request for financial resources through the university budgeting process to facilitate needed improvements.


Degree program faculty create annual assessment plans, document assessment findings, and create assessment actions plans. This documentation is submitted online through a common template. The Assessment Committee reviews documentation and provides feedback to the degree program faculty. Academic leadership approves all finalized assessment documentation.

Program Assessment Timelines and Deliverables

May 31, 2021 Submit 2021-22 Draft Assessment Plans in Taskstream as follows:
  • New programs
    • First Enrollments in 2021-22 submit Standing Requirements only at this time 
    • First Enrollments in 2020-21 submit Standing Requirements and Draft Assessment Plan for 2021-22
Aug. 31, 2021 Office of Academic Assessment provides feedback on draft plans by August 31, 2021.
Sept. 30, 2021

Submit 2020-21 Assessment Results and Improvements

  • Established programs only

Submit 2021-22 Finalized Assessment Plans in Taskstream

  • Established programs
  • New Programs – First Enrollments in 2020-21 submit Standing Requirements and Draft Assessment Plan for 2021-22

* Note: Any requests for customized, End-of-course Evaluation survey questions for 2021-22 need to be submitted to Kim Brantley in Institutional Research by September 30, 2021

 Contact the Office of Academic Assessment staff with any questions:

Contact Information

Tiffany Phagan
Executive Director of Academic Assessment
(386) 748-1364